Our mission is to help Subway® Franchisees be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.


We are the Independent Purchasing Company Europe Limited, trading as IPC Europe; a non-profit making organisation owned by Subway® Franchisees in Europe. Formed in 2001, IPC Europe was set up to enable Subway® Franchisees to gain from the financial and service discounts that come from purchasing and supplying product in large volumes. 

Today we manage over £1.5 billion worth of contracts on behalf of the 5000+ Subway® Franchises in Europe. As well as the purchasing and supply of Subway®-specified and approved food, packaging, equipment and business solutions, we also provide services to help Subway® Franchisees in the areas of quality control, managing equipment support and maintenance, insurance, utilities, merchant services, waste management, technology and more. 

Since 2001, we have delivered over £289 million of benefits to Subway® Franchisees in Europe.

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